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Cameron Grave Marker Culloden

Cameron Grave Marker Culloden

Captain Cameron SS Tutonic

Captain Cameron, SS Tutonic




Setting out to research your family tree

Two things to consider at this stage, the first is vital, collect all the information you can from those still living who can help and collect artefacts, or copies such as photos, medals, family bibles and letters. Anything recorded in archives will still be there in the future but relatives and artefacts will not.

Secondly, you will find the computer absolutely vital, both for recording information in a programme such as Family Tree Maker. Or for searching web sites such as Scotlands People that for example, enables you to search online the records held centrally in Scotland like Statutory Records, Parish Registers, Census Records and Wills & Testaments etc.


Alexander Anthony Cameron 1877

Alexander Anthony Cameron 1877


Another good source of information is the Commonwealth War Grave Commission they offer a wealth of information on those killed in WW1 and WW2. Not only do they have records on where the serviceman was killed, but in many cases complete service records.

Family Search by the LDS is has a huge amount of records from North America, New Zealand, Australia and the UK. Within their search facility they offer family tree research from other individuals also undertaking genealogical research but be aware, these records can often be inaccurate and should be cross referenced if possible.

Our own Clan Cameron FaceBook page gives researchers of their family history a great opportunity to share genealogical research and interact with others who may be able to help with suggestions and advice.

A History of Clan Cameron  

 James Stewart of Ardvorlich

Suggested Reading
  • The Camerons: A History of Clan Cameron John Stewart of Ardvorlich 4th Edition 2001 from the Cameron museum at Achnacarry.
  • Indomitable Colonel by Loraine Maclean of Dochgarroch 1986.
  • Bygone Lochaber Somerled MacMillan, 1971.
  • As for your own tree try Tracing your Scottish Family History by Anthony Adolph 2008 You can get it reduced from Postscript books 020 8767 7421.
  • Tracing your Scottish Ancestry by Kathleen Cory 1990.
  • In Search of Scottish Ancestry by Hamilton Edwards 1982 is probably dated, but an old favourite.
  • Discover your Scottish Ancestry : Internet and Traditional Resources by Graham S. Holton and Jack Winch 2003.

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