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Stained Glass Window in Ciarn's to the 24th Chief

Stained Glass Window at St, Ciaran Church, Achnacarry to 24th Chief

The Bookplate of David R.S. Cameron

The Bookplate of David R.S. Cameron

Bookplate of Donald Cameron of Lochiel The 26th Chief

Bookplate of Donald Cameron of Lochiel The 26th Chief





The many coats of arms did not just happen, or come from the unknown distant past. Someone created them and someone said they could be used.  

This is how heraldry is organised in Scotland.

The Queen is the fountain of honour and by Her Authority the principal heraldic officer in Scotland, the Lord Lyon King of Arms, has the power to grant coats of arms to "virtuous and well deserving persons and corporations". The Lord Lyon will devise new coats of arms which must be different from any other coat granted before. He is a Scottish Judge with his own Court which has a Procurator Fiscal.

The Fiscal can charge people who misappropriate coats of arms in Scotland, and the Lord Lyon has the power to fine those who disobey his judgements.


Charles Burnett Ross Herald of Arms Extraordinary

Ross Herald of Arms Extraordinary


He can also confiscate any objects bearing unauthorised heraldry. No other Head of a Heraldic Executive anywhere else in the world has the same legal authority. The Court is situated in New Register House located at the east end of Princes Street in Edinburgh. 

To assist him he has a Lyon Clerk and Keeper of the Records who is responsible for maintaining the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland. This was established by the Scottish Parliament in 1672 and contains every coat of arms granted since that date. There are now almost 90 volumes, each of 200 vellum pages. All entries are hand painted and hand written by a team of heraldic painters and calligraphers.

The painters also prepare Letters Patent, the legal document issued by the I Lord Lyon which grants a coat of arms to a person or company. 


Lord Lyon with four of his Officers, left to right; The Hon. Adam Bruce, Marchmount Herald of Arms, Charles J Burnett Esq. Ross Herald Extraordinary, David Sellar Esq. Lord Lyon King of Arms, Sir Crispin Agnew of Lochnaw, Rothesay Herald, Mrs Elizabeth Roads, Snawdoun Pursuivant.


To assist the Lord Lyon on official duties there are three Heralds and three Pursuivants. The latter title is taken from the French and means follower or apprentice.

"All are members of the Royal Household in Scotland and wear tabards bearing the Royal Arms of the United Kingdom as used in Scotland. Not even the children of the Sovereign can wear The Queen's coat of arms! 

Official duties can vary, in 2010 the Lyon and the Heralds have already proclaimed the Dissolution of the Westminster Parliament in Edinburgh on 13th April, and this month will be on duty at the Opening of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. On 24th June they will be on duty at the Installation of a new Governor of Edinburgh Castle, on 15m July they will be present in St Giles' Cathedral, Edinburgh, when the Queen installs two new Knights of the Thistle, and finally in December they will return to St Giles' for the Annual Thistle Service. 


Otherwise the Officers of Arms can advise those wishing to know more about heraldry, give lectures, or write about the subject to create better understanding about an aspect of Scotland which helps to give identity to individuals, companies, schools and local authorities. Heraldry has existed in the ancient Realm of Scotland since at least 1177 and has been used to identify documents, buildings and possessions belonging to individuals. Because Scotland was never a wealthy country compared to England when decoration was required it was often armorial because it combined two purposes, beautification and identification a double function which appealed to canny Scots! 

With thanks to Charles J Burnett Esq. Ross Herald.



The front of New Register House in Edinburgh. Lyon Court is situated on the first floor and can be visited morning or afternoon, Monday to Friday.



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